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Product Name:CS-26 Ceramic Grinding Media

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      CS-26 series ceramic grinding media is an ultra high-performance, low density, fine grained grinding media applications in vertical and horizontal mills.
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    CS-26 Series Ceramic Grinding Media:

    CS-26 series ceramic grinding media is an ultra high-performance, low density, fine grained grinding media applications in vertical and horizontal mills. It’s superior strength, high hardness and wear resistance characteristics. It is well suited to ultra-fine milling process of mineral ores and similar hardness and provide unmatched economic and performance for you.

    Technical Data:

     Chemical composition Al2O3, SiO2, Others
     Diameter range 0.5~20mm
     Specific gravity 2.6~2.8 g/cm3
     Roundness >93%
     Vickers hardness 700~800
     Water absorption 0%



    Low density

    High hardness

    Wear resistance

    CS-26|Ceramic Grinding Ball




    Milling process of soft materials


    We have experts team understand your needs supply the engineered great ceramic grinding media for your grinding application.

    We offer on-site visiting, lab testing, professional solution for you. . 



    Our products have been exported to many countries: Australia, Chile, USA, Russia, UK, Indonesia, etc., good quality have be approved by our clients.

    Ceramic Grinding Media for Mining Industry.pdf

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