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Mining machinery wear damage

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 Each year mining production cost is increased much because of  machinery wear and tear . let Chemshun ceramics , 13 years industry abrasion solver with wear resistant ceramics , talk about mining machinery wear damage 

Whether a mining machinery work effectively is decided by surface lubrication, load conditions and so on. If the above conditions are not normal, it will cause the machine deterioration and accelerates wear and damage.machines parts wear damage is more quickly, the loss during no production will become larger, Premature abrading damage makes mining machinery operating costs quickly increased. This is because it takes extra mending time and repair costs, increased spare parts consumption. This item expenditure of mining machinery arrive the  150 billion dollars every year,  if mechanical parts wear resistant property is slightly increased ,miner company  can save large cost 

The only way to reduce production cost is with plans to prevent damage of machinery, as well as methods of seeking to improve the wear resistance of parts, strong abrading damage machines in mining industry mainly includes chute , hopper , bunker , conveying pipelines, pulley laggings,  grinding mill ,cyclone etc.  ceramic solutions are becoming more common in hard rock applications because they have been proven to provide increased productivity, enhanced wear characteristics, improved flow efficiency, noise reduction,  wear ceramic liners are particularly suitable for mining bulk material handling equipments. Chemshun Ceramics professionally manufacture alumina ceramic linings with high hardness , light weight and abrasion resistance .

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