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Epoxy resin AB glue for the strongest bonding

Despite their exceptional durability, ceramic liners may sometimes take a hit in heavy-duty working processes. Just like any other coating solutions, they may crack or wear down over time. But you shouldn’t worry at all! Most of the repairs can be carried out on-site with the help of our epoxy resin AB glue.

To help prevent downtime, Chemshun Ceramics offers a variety of adhesives to paste damaged lining pieces right on the equipment they are used for. We mix an amine curing agent and a polyurethane-backed epoxy for resin bonding and low shrinkage. This combination proves to be the best for crosslinking, void filling, and superior gluing effectiveness.

Benefits of our epoxy resin glue for plastic, ceramic, and other pieces

The adhesives we supply can fill cracks and fix other damages on lining materials in a short while. But you should stick to the application instructions to get the desired bonding effects. They cover everything from mixing ratios of A and B glue components to surface treatment and curing. If you diligently follow our instructions, you can expect these benefits:

· Improved chemical stability. If applied right, our epoxy adhesives can boost some features of ceramic materials. After curing, they provide better resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, salts, etc.

· Versatility. When mixed to the specified ratios, the adhesives minimize the risk of falling out by solidifying pieces in place. You can even use our epoxy resin glue for metaland wood if needed.

· Great bonding strength in almost any environment. As epoxy resin is water-resistant, you can apply the adhesives based on it in many humidity levels, not to mention varied temperature ranges.

· Impact resistance. Gluing doesn’t undermine the ability of your materials to withstand shock. However, to maintain it, you have to leave your adhesive to cure for 24 hours or as outlined in the instructions.

Want to request a quote from Chemshun Ceramics?

Whether you’re looking for epoxy resin glue for wood, metal, or ceramic materials, our polyurethane-modified solutions will fit the bill. With them, you can do on-site repairs on your own and keep your equipment up and running.

At Chemshun Ceramics, we’re ready to supply epoxy resin glue for metal and ceramic parts in massive quantities. Contact us or leave your request online, specifying how much of the substance you need. We have many customers worldwide and are excited to serve you, too.

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