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Level-up your grinding processes with alumina balls and cylinders

Alumina grinding media are the best alternative to steel balls and pebbles. While the latter may quickly abrade the tumbler and react with the material in the mill, Al2O3 particles make you forget about that once and for all. Here you can find alumina ceramic grinding balls and cylinders for sale that are harder than steel, yet they cause less wear loss due to impact. They are resistant to abrasion, scuffing, and corrosion, allowing for wet and dry grinding at various speeds.

Chemshun Ceramics alumina grinding media consistently deliver flawless crushing performance. They are commonly used for metallurgy, glass, porcelain, and cement processing applications, whether they involve corrosive substances or not.

Alumina ceramic balls that meet all your grinding needs

Different industrial applications and mills require different grinding media. To get you what you need, be sure to consider:

  • Alumina content. Here you can buy alumina grinding balls in 75% to 95% Al2O3 levels, depending on the toughness and mechanical strength you need.

  • Type. Choose from spherical alumina balls, beads, and cylinders. They all provide impressive grinding efficiency when crushing materials in the mill.

  • Size. All our grinding media can be precision-made to any diameter. Keep in mind that they should be larger than the materials you’re about to grind.

  • Density. Select how dense you want your grinding products to be. We offer several options for various milling requirements.

  • Mohs hardness. Always look at the hardness grade. This will help you understand whether certain media may wear down your tumbler or the materials being ground.

Chemshun Ceramics is a go-to alumina ball and cylinder manufacturer because we’re up for custom grinding media orders. We can provide pollution-free products that are suitable for your milling equipment and materials. Contact us for details!


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  • TEL:+86-799-6790781
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  • Non-metal area of shangliuyuan, Economic developmentzone, pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, P.R.China.
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