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Alumina Lining Piece

Alumina Lining Pieces

Chenshun is a factory produces alumina ceramic lining tiles include alumina hexagonal tiles, alumina square tiles, ceramic cylinders, square or rectangular lining tile with dimples, alumina ceramics blocks. Usually, we produce loose pieces or stick the small lining pieces on nylon mesh as hexagonal mat 300×300mm, 150×150mm or square mat 500×500mm, also we have ceramic rubber composite liner as ceramic pulley lagging or conveyor pulley lagging.

The alumina lining pieces have follow advantages:

1.  Excellent abrasion resistance.

---- Due to high alumina properties 92% or 95% , Chemshun alumina ceramics are more wear resistant than steel liner.

2.  High impact resistance.

---- The equipment of most industries like the steel industry, cement industry, mining industry, power industry are easy to be wear, although alumina ceramic lining is wear-resistant, some manufacturers alumina ceramics are low impact-resistant result that their alumina ceramic lining is easy to be cracking. Compare to it, Chemshun high impact-resistant ceramic linings can give your equipment longer times protection. And it can backed in rubber as ceramic pulley lagging, the rubber plate is more impact-resistant.

3.  Excellent hardness.

---- Chemshun alumina ceramic lining pieces' hardness is up to 9 grade Moh's hardness.

4.  Excellent heat resistance up to 1500℃.

5.  Easily and quick installatin.

6.  Smooth surface can reduce barrage and friction coefficient to prolong the device working life.

7.  Low density can reduce the lined equipment weight and improve the equipment working effectiveness.

The size of alumina ceramic lining pieces:

 Size in mm (L×W×T) or (S×T)
 Square Lagging Ceramics
 10×10×2-10, 17.5×17.5×2-15, 20×20×2-20, 33×33×5-25, etc.
 Hexagonal Alumina tiles 11.5×3-20, 12×3-20,19×3-25, etc.
 Alumina Ceramic Block
 32×32×32, 40×40×40, etc.
 Size of Ceramic Mat
 150×150, 300×300, 500×500, etc.
 Material of Mat
 Paper, Nylon Mesh, Acetate Cloth, etc.

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