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Upgrade your milling efficiency with ceramic grinding media balls

If you need media to crush materials in a ball mill, you want durable, dense, and impact-resistant ones. At the same time, they shouldn’t abrade your equipment from within during the cylinder rotation process. This is when you can’t go wrong with our ceramic grinding media balls.

Our products can make chrome steel and stainless steel beads a thing of the past as they offer advanced performance. These grinding media are same-sized and can be used to crush virtually any material in a ball mill without wreaking havoc on the latter. That is why they outperform their steel counterparts, finding a range of applications in dyestuff, pigment, cement, food processing, mining, and other industries.

As one of the major ceramic grinding media suppliers out there, Chemshun Ceramics can produce various types of milling options in different sizes. Some of our best-performing balls and beads include those made with:

· alumina

· zirconia


· yttria-stabilized zirconia

· ceria-stabilized zirconia

· silica

How to decide between alumina ceramic grinding media and other options?

Alumina milling balls are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. They also greatly enhance the grinding performance of a mill. However, your choice of media composition should factor in the compatibility with the type of materials being ground as well as the ball mill lining to ensure the highest efficiency.

Apart from composition, you should take some other properties of ceramic grinding media balls into account. They include:  

    · Size. The rule of thumb is that your media are supposed to be larger than the materials being ground. In some cases, you can also mix different particle sizes in one operation cycle.

    · Density. What makes us one of the best ceramic grinding media suppliers is that Chemshun Ceramics can produce beads and balls in many density options. Choose which one fits your materials.

    · Hardness and contamination level. Alumina, zirconia, and other media differ in these features. Before deciding, consider the requirements of your particular grinding applications.

Whether you need alumina ceramic grinding media, ZTA beads, or other ones, we can help. Our products fit both vertical and horizontal ball mills and can be used for a plethora of materials in wet and dry applications.

If you still have a hard time choosing, contact us so that we can give you a few pointers to meet your grinding needs. Or let’s discuss your OEM or ODM project.

Ceramic Gringing Media

Ceramic grinding media is wide application in ball mill of cement, ceramic, mining, pigment, dye, ink, paint industry for improve the grinding efficiency and improve the performance of product.

Chemshun ceramic grinding media include ceramic grinding balls and grinding cylinders. Our milling balls/ cylinders have characters of high hardness, superior resistance of impact and wear, and uniform size and good roundness.

Chemshun produce ceramic grinding ball media with different diameter ranger, density and composition to meet different customer needs and kinds of ball mills. We accep OEM and ODM of ceramic grinding media.

 Item Main Composition Diameter Density Application Industry
 CS-26 Al2O3, SiO2 0.5~20 2.6~2.8 Mineral
 CS-32 Al2O3, SiO2,ZrO2 0.5~20 3.2~3.3 Ceramic, Mining, Mineral
 CS-36 Al2O3 0.4~25 3.5~3.75 Ceramic, Mining, Mineral, Cement, Pigment
 CS-40 ZrO2, SiO2 0.4~5.0 4.0~4.2 Mining, Mineral, Paint, Pigment, Dyestuffs
 CS-52 ZrO2, Al2O3 0.4~5.0 5.1-5.3 Mining, Mineral, Paint, Pigment, Dyestuffs
 CS-60 ZrO2, Y2O3 0.2~40 5.95~6.05 1. Chemical materials, paint, printing, ink, pigment.
 2. Advanced ceramics pastes or powder.
 3. Electronic pastes: gold platinum, silver, cuprum, nickel.
 4. Food stuff, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics.
 CS-62 ZrO2, CeO2 0.6~4.0 6.1~6.2

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