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Steel mill

                                              steel mill

                 Chemshun professional manufacture 92% & 95% Al2O3 alumina ceramic liners for steel mill industry .

                 Except for standard cermaic linings (ceramic plain tile , welded tile , mosaic pieces liners , rubber backed

                 Ceramic liners, alumina pipe tube , ceramc cylinder rod , technical ceramics, ceramics lined equipment )

                 Chemshun can design special shape alumina ceramic liners according to customer's equipment abrasion

                 Damage condition .  At the same time , ceramics installation service in spot offered if need . 


               chemshun ceramics installation for slag ditch chemshun ceramics for wear resistant chemshun alumina linings for steel mill


                 Wear Resistant Alumina Ceamic Liners Application for Steel Mill :

                 chemshun ceramics for steel mill


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