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Redefining the value of silicon carbide power products

Gone are the days when super-heavy alloys and metals were the only options for hard-wearing industrial materials. Game-changing SCP (silicon carbide products) from Chemshun Ceramics are here to usher in the new era of ceramics that are without equal in terms of resistance. With silicon and carbon at their core, these materials are made by coalescing their grades during the sintering process. The result is nothing but the consolidated benefits of both components that no alloy can match.

The most noteworthy features of our silicon carbide power products include:

Resistance. If you’re sure stainless steel materials are just as unsusceptible to decomposition, think again. Our SiC ceramics preserve their physical and chemical properties in high-temperature, heavy-duty, alkali-rich, and even acidic environments. Besides that, when reaction-bonded, their resistance ability is enhanced, making them suitable for areas where oxidation is not uncommon.

• Hardness. The world has never seen such sturdy material. We take pride in complementing our SCP (silicon carbide products) with diamond-like hardness properties through reaction and pressureless sintering methods. As a result, they make excellent industrial solutions that don’t wear down even when their counterparts fail one after another.

• Conductivity. SiC is a great semiconductor, and so are our ceramic products with high SiC content. This property is of use when the material is applied for electronics components supposed to be implemented under conditions with maximum temperatures. Essentially, it’s where its conductivity and resistance meet in a broader range of potential applications.

Ceramics of choice from the leading silicon carbide product manufacturer

Chemshun Ceramics supplies SiC products as liners, tubes, plates, seal rings, and tiles. By stepping up to the mark in manufacturing standards, we guarantee that they will boost the service life of your equipment (if used as components) and bring substantial resistance benefits to your applications.

Our customer base is continuously growing as more and more companies choose us over other silicon carbide product manufacturers. The reasons why they do so are all about:

excellent characteristics of our sintered products lauded for abrasives, sandblasting equipment, refractories, classifiers, separators, armored vehicles, semiconductors, and so on;

a variety of shapes that we can cast our materials into – from cones to elbows, hexagonal designs, and custom options;

professional on- and off-site service, including installation assistance for our silicon carbide power products at your facility.

Located far away from China? Leave your worries behind – Chemshun Ceramics ships its top-notch SiC materials worldwide.

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  • TEL:+86-799-6790781
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  • Non-metal area of shangliuyuan, Economic developmentzone, pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, P.R.China.
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