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Wear resistant ceramic liner for cyclone wear protecton

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Cyclone is the classification separation equipment to seperate materials with centrifugal force ,widely used for ore pulp classifaction,seperation,concentration,desliming in industrial materials handling.

Cyclone transport is generally used in pneumatic conveying,its tank takes long time to bear the slurry flow with many hard particle ,therefore this parts mostly suffer from wear damage.and this abrasion damage mainly in the following three forms: , the wear is a very complex phenomenon, mainly in the following three forms: sliding or rolling wear. the friction caused by the particle surface wear . Scratches wear damage. 

Since the particle rud surface deeply, resulting in local exfoliation. Impact wear. It is due to the impact of the tissue surface of the particles produce local crushing and detachment. in order to prolong the serving life of cyclone ,  wear resistant ceramic liner used to protect is necessary .

Chemshun ceramics is comprehensive ceramics manufacturer,we can offer ceramics design ,manufacture,intallation,maintenance for industrial equipments, standard  wear ceramic liner is difficult as cyclone liner for its standard shape. which will results in gaps between the tiles if pasted in cyclone.chemshun engineered cyclone tile liner is precisely cut to required shape. this ensures that gaps between the tiles are minimised .so that any size cyclone can be lined with engineered ceramic tiles in both wet or dry applications.if you have abrasion damage problem for your cyclone , welcome to contact us for cyclone liner . 

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