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Tips of ball mill bricks liner selection

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The main role of ball mill bricks lining  is to protect the inner wall of the cylinder from wear damage, so the mill wear liner material must firstly be chosen to meet wear resistance requirements, but also impact resistance, easy disassembly and maintenance.

chemshun ceramics- wear resistant liner from china ceramic manufacturer

The abrasion resistant materials which can meet the requirements  includes high manganese steel, alloy cast iron, chrome steel , rubber and  wear resistant ceramic liner 

Among them, high manganese steel has high impact resistance and high wear resistance, and can also become harder to wear after the impact, But there is disadvantage of high expense.

Chemshun Ceramics as  wear ceramic liner manufacturer pleasure to share with ball mill liner selection principle

First, determine the mill liner materials according to the specific conditions of useness, choose material with relatively higher life ;

Second, there is adequate strength and toughness to resist impact, to ensure safety and reliability in  work process .

Third, in addition to consider lining itself production costs, but also consider installation costs, replacement costs liner, labor, consumption and other auxiliary materials, and many other content.

According to above mill liner selection pronciple , Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer suggest you to choose alumina ceramic brick liner as abrasion resistant materials .which is low purchasing cost , easy installation and replacement, it is best choice for grinding industrial materials in ball mill .

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