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How to test the wear loss of ceramic grinding media in wet grinding environment?

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Testing wear loss character of ceramic grinding media in lab only 6 steps.

1st, Putting 4kg ceramic grinding media mill balls and 4L water into a grinding tank, then continuous grinding the balls and water for 2 hours at 80r/min speed.

2nd, Washing the ceramic grinding ball then drying and weighing, remark its’ weight as M1(Accurate to 0.1g).

3rd, put the 2nd ceramic grinding media and equal quality water into grinding tank, then continuous grinding it for 24 hours at 80r/min speed.

4th, Washing the ceramic grinding ball then drying and weighing again, remark its’ weight as M2(Accurate to 0.1g).

5th, Randomly extract 10 balls and measure their average diameter, remark it as D (unit as mm).

6th, substituting M1, M2, D into the formula EWT=KD(m1-m2)/m1(K=4.17X10-4 (mm)-1), the number you get is the wear rate of ceramic grinding media.

Finally, if your high alumina ceramic balls surface is smooth and without cracks and breakage after the testing, it's considered qualified.

Wear Loss here refers to a standard wear, intermediate medium is water. In practical application, there are other intermediate media, in some cases dry grinding, so the wear loss in practical application is higher than this standard. As the same testing condition, the wear loss is smaller, the quality of the ceramic grinding balls is better.

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