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Product Name:Ceramic Groove Cylinder

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      Alumina Ceramic Groove Cylinder is one of best ideal material as lining for wear solution in mining industry,power plant,steel plant, cement plant.
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    Alumina ceramic groove cylinder is made by high purity alpha alumina oxide(up to 95%).It is one of best ideal material as wear resistant lining for abrasion in the mining industry,power plant,steel plant,cement plant,etc.These ceramic groove cylinder are more likely to be vulcanized, less likely to fall off, and more strongly bonded.It is the best material embedded in high-quality rubber to anti-impact and wear resistant to extend the lifetime of industrial equipment effectively.



    -High hardness.
    -Superior abrasion resistance.
    -Corrosion and chemical resistance.
    -Light weight.
    -Easy to install.
    -More likely to be vulcanized in all kinds of rubber panel or conveyor(more anti-corrosion).



    (Regular size:21*21mm, 31*31mm.)

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