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Product Name:Alumina Ceramic Block

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      1:Alumina ceramic block with interlock 2:Best materials for rubber ceramic vulcanization 3:Various standard and custom ceramic block
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    Alumina Ceramic Block 

    Alumina ceramic block includes ceramic cylinder,ceramic laggings and it's popular for vulcanization

    1: Chemshun Ceramics block mainly including: Alumina Industrial ceramic block with interlock, ceramic cylinder,hexagonal tile,square ceramic mosaic tile, L shape blocks, lagging ceramics. Standard and customized ceramics are available. 

    2: Chemshun alumina ceramic blocks products:

     alumina ceramic block

    alumina ceramic cube with self-lock alumina ceramic block with groove

    3: Chemshun alumina oxide blocks/cube sizes and property :



     CHEMSHUN 92

     CHEMSHUN 95








    Moh’s Hardness





    Size in mm (L*W*T) or (S*T)

    Ceramic square tile

    10*10*2~10, 17.5*17.5*2~15, 20*20*2~20, 33*33*5~25 etc

    Ceramic hexagonal tile

    6*3~6, 11*3~25, 12*3~25,19.05*3~25

    Ceramic block

    32*32*32, 40*40*40

    Hex/square tile mats

    150*150, 300*300, 500*500

    Material of mats

    Paper, nylon mesh, acetate cloth etc.

    4:  Chemshun Ceramic alumina ceramic block and laggings applicatin :

    alumina ceramic cycliner lined rubber       L shape alumina ceramics from chemshun ceramics block

    Alumina ceramic block lined in rubber.     Alumina ceramic block as wear-resistant liner.

    hex ceramic tile mat       alumina ceramic block with dimples

    Alumina ceramic block lined in nylon mat.     Alumina ceramic block as pulley lagging tiles.

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    Product Technical Data (1: wear resistant ceramic)

    Product PDF Brochure Download

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