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Product Name:Ceramic Lining Tile Sheet

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      1. Various wear ceramic lining tile mat size 2. Square, hex tile on a synthetic fabric mesh 3. Easy to be installed in the convex and concave surface
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    Square Ceramic Lining Tile Sheet

    Due to flexible sizes and plane, the square ceramic lining tile sheet is popularly applied for roller conveyor, chute and other equipment with special angle, size, radian.

    Ceramic lining tile sheet is consists of small square tile glued on acetate silk, nylon mash, paper or other special media. These wear-resistant alumina ceramic tile mats have the characters of thin thickness, low weight, flexibility which is ideal in applications where weight and space are limiting factors. These tile mats are easily installed by epoxy resin adhesive.


    Much flexible and easy installation by epoxy resin adhesive, ideal for concave and convex surfaces face where standard tile will not readily fit.

    Chemshun Wear Ceramic Lining Sheet application:

    ceramic lining applied in hopper, pipe, pulley lagging

    Chemshun Ceramic Lining Sheet sizes and property :

    PropertiesCHEMSHUN 92CHEMSHUN95
    Al2O3 (%)9295
    Density (g/cm3)3.63.65
    Moh's Hardness Grade99
    ProductsSize in mm (L*W*T) / (S*T)
    ceramic square tile

    10*10*2~10,  17.5*17.5*2~15

     20*20*2~20,  33*33*5~25 etc.

    ceramic hexagonal tile

    6*3~6, 11*3~25, 12*3~25,


    ceramic block32*32*32, 40*40*40
    hex/square tile mats
    150*150, 300*300, 500*500
    materials of matspaper, nylon, mesh,acetate cloth etc.

    Chemshun ceramic tile mat production and package: 

    Wear Ceramic Lining Sheet production and package:

    Chemshun wear ceramic lining sheet types :

    ceramic lining types including square tile lining, hex tile lining

    Product Technical Data (1: wear resistant ceramic)

    Product PDF Brochure Download

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