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Product Name:Ceramic Liner With Salient Point

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      Alumina Ceramic Tile is widely used in thermal power, iron and steel, metallurgy, mechanical, coal, mine, chemical, cement, port and wharf etc.
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    Ceramic Lining With Salient Point

    Alumina Ceramic Tile has high impact resistance with Hemispherical surface design .

    Chemshun Introduction:

    We pingxiang chemshun ceramics Co., Ltd are a professional manufacturer and exporter of wear resistance ceramic product. Our product including the alumina plain tiles, ceramic pulley laggings, alumina weldable plate, alumina mosaic pieces, alumina square tiles, alumina cylinders and alumina pipes. The mentioned product output is over than 25000ton/year. We have advanced facility and strictly quality contral system. The product sells popular in the world market.

    Product description:

    Alumina ceramic lining with salient point is an alumina (AL2O3)-oriented material with other ingredients and is sintered through 1700°C of high temperature. The salient points on the surface of conveyor WearLining can improve friction, so it's widely applied in conveyor system to avoid wear, prolong the service life of rubber conveyor belt and save shutdown time.


    1.Higher wear-resistance

    2.Higher corrosion resistant

    3.Higher hardness higher density

    4.Higher friction than normal alumina ceramic tile can avoid materials slip or fall.


    5.Prolong the equipment service life


    Ceramic lining tile with salient point is usually as vulcanized ceramic pulley lagging or others vulcanized ceramic equipments. It's applied in used in thermal power, iron and steel, metallurgy, mechanical, coal, mine, chemical, cement, port and wharf, etc.  

    Suitable for all large mechanical equipment with severe abrasions including conveying coal and material system, coal pulverizing system, dust removal system and dust pelletizing system, etc.

    It can select different shapes according to different requirements: Hex tile, Square tile, Arrowed tile and others your need.

    Physical Analysis :

    Performance Index






    Moh's Hardness



    Water Absorption Rate(%)



    Flexural strength,20C,Mpa






    Bulk density(g/cm3)

    ≥ 3.60

    ≥ 3.65


    Our products have been exported to many countries: Australia, Chile, USA, Russia, UK, Indonesia, etc., good quality have be approved by our clients.

    Product Technical Data(1:wear resistant ceramic)

    Product PDF Brochure Download

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