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Product Name:(SISIC) Silicon Carbide Ceramic Plate

Chemshun Silicon Carbide Wear Resistant Ceramic Plate

Reaction-sintered silicon carbide, also be named as siliconized silicon carbide or SISIC, is a ideal material for wear resistant ceramic liner.

Chemshun Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Ceramic (RSIC/SISIC) is an ideal wear resistant material, which is especially suitable for the strong abrasive, coarse particles, classification, concentration, dehydration and the other operations. It is used a lot in mining industry, steel industry, coal processing industry, chemical industry, raw material-making industry, mechanical sealing, surface sandblasted treatment and reflector etc. Thanks to the excellent hardness and abrasive resistance, Silicon Carbide tile can effectively protect the part where need wear protection and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Chemshun Ceramics SiSIC Shape:Square, rectangle, Triangle, Hexagonal, Round.

For example: 
SISIC plate,
SISIC Pipe, SISIC Elbow, SISIC Cone Cyclone, SiSiC Three Links etc, other sizes and shape are available upon requests.


As wear resistant lining material of mining industry, steel industry, coal processing industry, chemical industry, raw material-making industry, mechanical sealing, 

surface sandblasted treatment and reflector etc

  Silicon carbide ceramics rubber composite wear liner 

chemshun rubber sheet plate

The technical data of reaction-sintered silicon carbide:



Bulk denstity  SiC  (Vo1%)


Bulk density  (g/cm3)


Apparent porosity (%)


Modulus of rupture at 20℃  (Mpa)


Modulus of rupture at 1200℃ (Mpa)


Modulus of elasticity at 20℃  (Gpa)


Thermal Conductivity at 1200℃ (w.m-1.k-1)


Thermal expansion  at 1200℃  (a×10-6/℃)


Thermal shock resistance at 1200℃

Very good

Max.working temperature



The benefits of reaction-sintered silicon carbide:

① Ultra-high hardness and superior wear resistance.

② High impact resistance.

③ Corrosion resistance. Silicon carbide can tolerates a wide range of acids and alkalis.

④ High temperature resistance.

⑤ Good dimensional control of complex shapes.

⑥ High oxidation resistance.

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