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Minimum wear and maximum value

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The facilities and equipment in the primary industry are especially affected by wear with respect to the mining, steel, power, port,cements transport, storage, processing of highly abrasive mass bulk goods like ore,pyrite, sand or coal. Many primary and intermediate products as well as secondary raw materials cause wear during processing.

Despite all technological advancements, protection against wear and corrosion are still current and important issues in the industry. So, lot of industrial nations have to spend more than 6% of their gross national product to counteract and prevent the consequences of wear and corrosion.

Many people know that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. However, only people working in this industry are aware of the fact that hightech alumina ceramics take a close second place. This is why hightech alumina ceramics are applied above all in felds placing high demands on hardness, abrasion, wearing protection, corrosion protection and/or pressure resistance.Many process gases, pumping media and atmospheric conditions cause corrosion High-tech ceramics guarantee the highest possible protection against wear and corrosion. Alumina (Al2O3) proved to be effective as a basic material.


A blast jet wear test clearly shows that chemshun alumina ceramics wear resistance character obtains much better ratings compared to fusion-cast basalt or fused corundum, steel, cast or surface welding with respect to volume loss.


For decades, With 15 year’s experience in the wear protection field the experts and engineers of pingxiang chemshun ceramics co.,ltd research and prouce the most effective abrsion wear alumian ceramics for the industires. The steady and right raw material, precise processing as well as effcient tests and controls guarantee the highest degree of quality and safety.Chemshun Ceramics with its integrated process chain approach, guarantees the production of reproducible and reliable modules and components.


Chemshun produce the most effective cost performace wear resistance alumina ceramics and supply wear solutions for customers, to solve the customer’s problem of: wear in bulk materials handling and help customers reduce the maintenance costs and downtime to prolong the equipment usage life and increase the factory performance

Chemshun produce wear abrasion ceramics product range is as follows: more information welcome to chemshun ceramics official
92%Al2O3 & 95% Al2O3 Standard wear resistant alumina ceramic liner/cylinder/mosaic/hexagon tile/ceramic cubes.
Abrasion resistant high alumina ceramic pipe/tubes ,diameter from 20mm to 500mm
Ceramic rubber wear liner/Steel Rubber ceramic composite panel.
Wear resistant pre-engineering tile in a variety of geometric shapes from simple to complex,the ceramics can be engineered or moulded to specific shapes to customer’s requirement.
Ceramic lined process equipment like pipes,,bends,chutes,hoppers,bunkers, cyclones…etc.

Chemshun alumina ceramic liner has excellent abrasion resistance,impact resistant,corrosion resistance, heat resistance,it is widely used in the mining,mineral process, power generation plant,steel plant,cement industries, petro-chemical refining, coal washery, port .Common items equipment need wear linings are: Agitators; Bends; Branches; bunker; Chutes; Classifiers; Cones; Cyclones; convey belt; Distribution Box; Ejectors; Fans; Feeders; Hopper; Launders; Manifolds; Mills; Orifice; Pipes; Pipe Bends; Pipe fitting; Pulley lagging; Silos; Splitter Boxes; Spoons; Square Bends; Square to Round; Tanks; Troughs; Transfer points; T-Pieces; Y-Pieces etc.Not only professional producing alumina industrial ceramics, Chemshun technician team and installation team who can help the client to choose the right product and afford the CAD design drawings for the pre-engineered tiles, designed layout drawing and installation of ceramics for the clients.

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