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wear resistant ceramics improve mining equipment

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Indonesia could exhaust its economically retrievable coal reserves by 2033, a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers released on Monday showed.

Indonesia is among the world's top exporters of thermal coal, but its output has slipped in recent years as plummeting prices of the power station fuel have forced miners to cut costs.

chemshun ceramics high alumina ceramics for abrasion protection

Industrial future situations most like above case, facing these bad industrial environment, 

It is best time to cut down all the production cost in the aspect of production equipments,

working miners quantity that mining companyies can change the state of survival.

For lowering production equipments, chemshun advise industrial equipment maintenance for abrasive damange. like using wear resistant ceramics pased in the inner wall of equipment ,because alumina ceramic linings with character : Made from high purity, fine grain, alpha aluminum oxide, a material almost diamond hard .also ceramic is inert, it does not react with most materials that come in contact with metal components. wear resistant ceramics has 92% Al2O3, 95% Al2O3 in alumina content,has ceramic plain tile , alumina ceramic tube bend pipe, wear ceramic liner , hexagonal tile liner in shape. wear resistant ceramics most pased by adhesive ceramic glue water --epoxy resin or by cement. 

Any industrial machines wear protection , welcome to consult pingxiang chemshun ceramics , 

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