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The comprehensive advantages of wear resistant welding ceramic liner

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CHEMSHUN CERAMICS produced wear resistant ceramic liner with adhesive type, straight stick-type, impact type, mounting type, heat-resistant adhesive type, cold-resistant adhesive type, and other wear resistant ceramics . Products have advantages including high strength, oxidation resistance, good insulation, corrosion resistance, high temperature, wear-resistant characteristics. Our products are widely used in thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, ports and other enterprises which deal with coal handling, conveying system, milling system, ash, dust removal system and all other large wear mechanical equipment. 

alumina ceramics    Coal dropping tube and coal bucket are subjected to heavy erosion and wear damange by coal and coal gangue with long time, ordinary steel was abraded out with leak for less than a year  for a long time incomplete equipment will cause handling materials loss and worker's more workload 

Based on years of practice ,combined with wet and dry climate,Chemshun have developed different wear resistant ceramic liner,for power plant coal handling system equipment wear solutions, 

Ceramic plates vulcanized rubber ceramic liner is made of special corundum ceramics and rubber and steel plates vulcanized together with advanced thermal curing process ,forming strong, high impact resistant wear ceramic liner .The product has both high wear resistance of ceramics, but also the advantage of high damping rubber and anti-fatigue performance, which can prevent static electricity, and prevent the blocking of coal, while reducing the running sound.

 Its performance characteristics

     Wear: high quality  alumina ceramics , hardness HRA85 above, at least 10 times to extend the useful life of equipment;

     Impact: toughened ceramic formula to ensure that the ceramic is broken, the unique spherical design and quality of the buffer layer, the bulk material can resist shocks;

     Not blocking materials: self-lubricating ceramic formulations, unique curing process to ensure that the liner surface is smooth, not blocking materials;

     Temperature adaptability: in the long run can be -50 ℃ to 100 ℃, generally conveying systems can meet;

     Acid: Rubber adopt a new formula of acid rubber, resistant to weak acid and weak base;

     Anti-off: one ceramic plate rubber vulcanization, combined with very strong;

     Install and easy to replace: the use of block lining provides for easy replacement and installation;

     Reduced maintenance: superior wear resistance so that greatly reduce the frequency of maintenance, cost and labor.

welcome to consult chemshun  alumina ceramics for your wear protection .Our Products are sold throughout many customers with by users praise. 

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