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corrision and wear resistant ceramic pipe tile reduce pipeline project cost

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chemshun wear resistant alumina ceramic hexagonal tile liner

Alumina ceramic pipe tile liner is pasted in the steel pipe wall with high temperature resistant adhesive epoxy resin glue ,then forming a solid anti-wear layer by heating after curing. The kinds 

of products production process is relatively simple, short production cycle, relatively low cost.

 Wear resistant pipe tile liner main Features including :

1) Good wear: ceramic layer in wear-resistant ceramic tile lined elbow pipe is abrasion Ceramics, its hardness (HRA) ≥84, the wear resistance is more than 10 times of high chromium alloy cast iron pipe fittings. the actual wear life of 5mm thick ceramic linings layer will be equivalent to 50mm thick wear-resistant steel.

2) Corrosion resistance: wear-resistant ceramic material with  excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt and a halogen salt corrosion properties.

3) High temperature performance: wear resistant ceramics itself has more than 1200 degrees Celsius temperature capability, and wear-resistant ceramic tubes can be long-term operation in the -50 ℃ to 400 ℃  umidity range after rational design and different process,, particularly suitable for high temperature burners and other equipment lining.

4) Reduce project cost: wear resistant ceramics pipe liner is mainly used for conveying particle , fluids materials and corrosive media .mainly used to replace expensive stainless steel, high chrome cast steel pipe, wear-resistant alloy tube,which can directly reduce pipeline project costs, while extending the service life. with characters of cost-effective, saving maintenance and replacement costs 

Chemshun offer kinds of alumina ceramic pipe tile liner with many standard sizes , also customized size acceptable, welcome to share with you abrasion problem , 

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