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Alumina ceramics as bulletproof materials[ 2023-09-21 15:08 ]
From the current point of view, the general development trend of armor materials is toughening, lightweight, multi-functional and high efficiency. Alumina ceramic materials are an important part of bulletproof materials. They have high hardness and wear resist...
Wear resistant ceramic pipe flanges Introduction[ 2023-09-16 10:56 ]
Flange is a disc-shaped part that is very common in piping engineering. Flanges are used in pairs. In wear resistant ceramic pipeline engineering, flanges are mainly used for wear-resistant ceramic pipeline connections. Various flanges can be installed in...
How to choose wear resistant ceramic tile liner of different shapes?[ 2023-09-09 17:09 ]
As an important part of the anti-wear field, wear resistant ceramics are often used in heavy-wear industries such as ports, mines, cement, lithium batteries, and steel. Our common wear-resistant ceramics mostly exist in the form of wear-resistant ceramic ...
How to Prevent Wear-resistant Ceramics from Breaking During Use[ 2023-08-26 09:18 ]
With the increasing demand for wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant ceramics, as a practical wear-resistant material, are also widely used. However, in the process of use, we may encounter the problem of wear-resistant ceramics being damaged or broken.This...
Alumina Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipe - A High Quality Choice for Pneumatic Conveying Pipes[ 2023-08-21 14:35 ]
Alumina ceramic pipe and steel parts combined, can be made of integrated wear-resistant ceramic pipe. The surface of the ceramic tube is coated with ceramic special glue, and then installed on the inner wall of the steel pipe in sections to form a solid anti-wear layer, the ceramic inner wall is smooth and does not block the material, and the steps are less and the gaps are less, which can reduce the resistance of material transportation.
What Factors Affect the Density of Alumina Ceramics?[ 2023-08-10 09:38 ]
The density of alumina ceramics is an important factor affecting its performance. So, what factors will affect the density of alumina ceramics?
The Reason of Ceramic lined pipes wear damage ?[ 2023-07-16 19:17 ]
Wear resistant ceramics are composed of equipment elbows and some parts. Inventing this thing in the field of mine transportation can serve people well and reduce some costs.It has good wear resistance, which can be said to be one of its main characteristics. ...
How to improve the impact resistance of abrasion resistant ceramic lining[ 2023-07-09 15:22 ]
Abrasion resistant ceramic liners have solved the problem of wear for heavy wear industries such as cement, steel, mining, lithium batteries, and metallurgy. However, in the minds of many manufacturers, liners are also labeled as brittle and not impact-resista...
How to Order Alumina/Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Ceramics from China[ 2023-06-25 09:42 ]
Bulletproof ceramics, such as alumina and SIC-based ceramics, have become essential materials for modern armor vests. These advanced ceramics provide superior protection and are commonly used in military and law enforcement applications. If you are in the market to order alumina/SIC bulletproof ceramics from China, there are a few important steps to consider ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.
Mining, Iron and Steel Industry Equipment Use Wear-resistant Ceramics Anti-wear[ 2023-06-19 09:17 ]
The high-power operation of industrial equipment will lead to serious wear of other wear systems such as powder production, powder production and powder delivery. Many enterprises take the method of repairing welding steel plates, and do not solve the fundamental wear resistance problem. The alumina wear-resistant ceramics are specially made for equipment anti-wear materials, with high hardness, convenient construction,strong wear and heat resistance,low price.
Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Ceramics: Production Process and How to Choose[ 2023-05-09 10:38 ]
Silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics, also known as SIC ceramics or bulletproof ceramics, has a history of decades and is widely used in the military and police fields. Ceramic armor bricks have been used in bulletproof vests to protect personnel from bullets ...
What material is bulletproof vest made of[ 2023-04-16 14:04 ]
The main composition of bulletproof vests is two parts, although it is divided into a cover and a bulletproof layer. Generally, the cover is made of chemical fiber fabrics, and the bulletproof layer is made of metal, ceramic sheet, fiberglass, nylon, and Kevla...
How to install abrasion ceramic cylinder pipe in the integrally formed steel pipeline ?[ 2023-04-09 17:52 ]
The integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic pipe produced by Chemshun Ceramics is mainly divided into three steps: ceramic ring splicing, ceramic ring pasting and grinding.(1) Alumina ceramic splicing: The ceramic rings that have passed the inspection are spl...
Abrasion Resistant Alumina Ceramic Lined Pipe Installation Solution[ 2023-03-07 10:07 ]
Wear resistant ceramic lined pipe can greatly solve pipeline wear damage problem.Chemshun Ceramics have many ceramic lined pipe design,produce,installation different ceramic liner can be applied for steel pipe wear protection.
Application of Wear-resistant Alumina Ceramic Pipe[ 2023-02-27 11:32 ]
Wear-resistant ceramic pipe has a very wide range of applications and can be used in different industries and different engineering situations. Specific application industries are as follows: 1. Mining industry Wear-resistant ceramic pipes are used in mine material conveying, pulp conveying and slurry conveying systems.
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