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What is the difference between ceramic lining and ceramic coating?

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Linings are materials used to protect a container from corrosion and/or to protect the contents of a container from contamination by the container shell material. Coatings generally refer to materials used for protective and/or functional purposes, while paints refer to materials used for aesthetics or decorative purposes. 

Ceramic linings are made of different kinds of ceramic material , like Alumina ceramic , silicon carbide ceramics , zirconia Ceramics and so on . they are made into different shapes to protect industrial machinery parts from abrasion wear damage . but ceramic coating is not ceramics materials, which is a non-metallic cementitious material. It is a powdery ceramic material made of acid- and alkali-resistant synthetic raw materials through strict process ratio and advanced inorganic polymerization technology. At the construction site, special liquid inorganic glue is added to this material, and it is applied to the lining or surface of the equipment manually or mechanically. After a series of chemical reactions, it reaches the bonding strength and hardness of the ceramic at room temperature, hence called wear-resistant Ceramic coating.

Although both are wear protective materials , and they have different application environment .

Ceramic lining with different shapes which customized according to industrial machinery parts .

It is more economical compared with ceramic coating , and different material ceramic lining have different property , customer can choose zirconia ceramic lining , or SIC ceramic lining or alumina ceramic lining after consulting Chemshun Ceramic technicians .Ceramic coating fits for large-scale construction and have high construction technology requirement for operators , or will cause material waste if incorrect operation .

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