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Hiking Tour to Laoying Valley of Pingxiang City

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After working in the office for too long,Chemshun employees need to get out of the office, breathe fresh air in the mountains and get in close contact with nature.

Last Saturday, Chemshun Ceramics organized employee of international department attend Hiking tour at Laoying Valley of Pingxiang.


Along the way, we passed the lakeside, crossed the ropeway and glass plank road, blowing in the mountain breeze, looking at the lush woods, watching the mountain butterflies flying in the flowers and plants, and we felt very comfortable and relaxed.



The cold and translucent spring water flows down the valley, forming a stream. Our employees splashed a handful of spring water on their faces and immediately felt refreshed and cool, as if their souls were washed by the spirits in the mountains.



After going down the mountain, we ate the local characteristic popsicles.

Every once in a while,we'll organize activities for stuffes relaxed and make the relationship more friendly.

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