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High Strength Ceramic Adhesive - Epoxy Adhesive is Used for Adhesive Between Metal and Ceramic Sheets Within 200℃

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Product introduction:

1. Universal, low odor, fast curing at room temperature, high bonding strength.
2. Medium viscosity, A, B components after mixing glue paste, thixotropy, convenient construction, temperature -60~200℃.

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Product parameters:

AppearanceGray and white sticky paste
Glue the Proportion(weight ratio)A:B=4:1
Operation Time(min/25℃)30
 Shear Strength(MPa)≥18
Tensile Strength(MPa)35
Curing Condition(25℃)24h
Working Temperature(℃)-60~200

Application field:
It is widely used in the bonding of various ceramic pieces and metal under the working condition of 200℃, such as coal conveying, pulverizing, ash discharging, dust removal system of thermal power plant and material conveying and batching system of smelting and steel plant, hopper, hopper, hopper, ball mill outlet inclined pipe part, induced draft fan inner shell, etc.




Method of use:
1.Remove oil, dust and rust from the sticky surface, polish it, clean it with acetone, ethyl acetate and other cleaning agents and dry it.
2. The epoxy adhesive mixing ratio (weight ratio) of A and B is 4:1, mix well to get the same colour, apply evenly on the treated surface to be adhered, Then close the two contact surfaces and apply contact pressure, 8 ~ 10 hours can basically reach the structural strength. It can be used and moved. With the increase of temperature, it can be further solidified.
3. The epoxy adhesive mixed, at 25℃, there is about half an hour of application period.
4. Each time with epoxy adhesive should not be too much, with epoxy adhesive should be used up as soon as possible.The gel gel time is also related to temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the gel.


Click here to watch how to use ceramic epoxy adhesive.

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