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ZTA toughtening alumina cramics improve toughness greatly

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Brittleness refers to the sudden and unexplained fracture or crushing of ceramic materials. When subjected to external forces, the plastic deformation caused by slippage cannot buffer the stress, causing explosive damage to the ceramic materials. From a microscopic point of view, there are cracks and pores inside the ceramic material. When stress exists, these cracks and pores will become the origin of crack propagation. Ceramic is a kind of polycrystalline phase material. The cracks and pores existing in the grain boundary are difficult to be eliminated by artificial methods. Even the special ceramics are sintered by liquid phase at a high temperature, they cannot be made of metal materials. The atoms are neatly arranged to form a "perfect" material.

Wear resistant alumina ceramics must not only have high hardness and strength, but also have a certain degree of toughness. Strength and toughness provide necessary support for wear-resistant special ceramics, and at the same time expand and improve the application of wear-resistant ceramics

Therefore, to improve the toughness of wear resistant alumina ceramic materials, we can start from the aspects of grain refinement, structural uniformity, and defect size reduction. Chemshun Ceramics is a factory specializing in the production, development and export of abrasion resistant ceramics. Through laboratory research, the principle of phase change toughening is used to provide the fracture toughness of alumina ceramics, thus forming ZTA (ZrO2 toughening Al2O3) . 

Chemshun ZTA toughtening alumina cramics have different shapes , and ceramic wear plate is typical popularly . which can be vulcanized in rubber sheet . if you are interested, welcome to contact us for inquiry . 

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