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Chemshun Hold the Fifth Fun Games on October 21, 2023

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In the wonderdul Autumn, Chemshun Ceramics hold the fifth fun competition on October 21, 2023. All Chemshun employees enjoyed the competition.

All employees of the company are divided into 11 teams according to the workshop departments.


Before the start of the competition, we stood under the national flag, raised the national flag, sang the national anthem, the company's general manager Ms.Rong and the company's chairman Mr. Zhong addressed everyone; The referee takes the oath.


Then the game began, the sports items are: Thunder drums, Giant footsteps, Invincible hot wheels, A circle in the end, Arm wrestling and Tug-of-war.







At the end of the competition, prizes were awarded to the winning teams.


Life is not only work, but also our fun sports. Go all out at work, enthusiasm when participating in fun sports games, a group of people, one heart, all the way forward, never stop, the future can be expected, grateful for all the good!

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