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A Kiln Ignition Ceremony Was Held at The Chemshun New Factory

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At 8:18 am on March 18, Chemshun Ceramics held a kiln ignition ceremony at its new plant in Anyuan Industrial Park.


Mr. Zhong, chairman of Chemshun Group, and Ms. Rong, general manager of the group, held a torch together to light the shuttle kiln.


The fire in the shuttle kiln gradually brightens and then stabilizes. Once lit, the fire will not go out until the shuttle kiln is abandoned.


After lighting the fire, the kiln is officially begins to work, which means that the production capacity of Chemshun will be further improved. In the future, there will be more and better wear-resistant ceramics fired from this kiln to provide our dear customers! Thanks to customers for your support and recognition of Chemshun Ceramics. We will continue to work hard and make progress!


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