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Product Name:90 degree pipe elbow

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      alumina ceramic bend pipe elbow liner can be tailor made special angle to fit for your conveying pipe system perfectly
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     90 Degree Ceramic Pipe Elbow

    Wear resistant ceramics pipe elbow , pipe sleeve is used as composite ceramics tube lined steel , wildely used in power plant boiler milling system piping.

    Product Features:

    1) High hardness 

    2) Superior abrasion  

    3) Corrosion and chemical resistance 

    4) Light weight 

    Product details:

     Wear resistant alumina ceramic pipe elbow made by the isostatic pressing technology, alumina ceramic elbow lining flanget with high density,fine grinding surface polished,assembled with other composite pipe , is a kind of ideal resistant to wear and corrosion protection material conveying.


    This bend pipe linings is mainly used as composite ceramic tube lined steel . ceramic outer tube and equipment steel pipe wall is assembled with speical filler (cement or epoxy glue)

     Alumina ceramic tube can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical, electric power industries of coal powder, ash,particle materials,slurry,liquid aluminum etc


    Coal fired power plants

    Fly ash pipework

    Pulverized coal pipework

    Dust collection pipework


    Cement plants

    Pneumatic conveying pipework

    Slurry pipework

    Steel plants

    Slurry pipework

    Pneumatic conveying pipework

    Dust removal pipe at the end of machine

    Chemical industry

    Dust removal pipe and elbow

    Wear resistant ceramics pipe elbow , pipe sleeve is used as composite ceramics tube lined steel , wildely used in power plant boiler milling system piping.

                             chemshun ceramic tube design

    Comparision with other abrasive materials:

    1) Cast stone : Features of this material is fragile and Cracking easily,After the inside wall cracking,the powder material will flowed into outer side wall along the inside wall gap. and there are many internal pores, so the life of this material is only repairing period.

    2) Cast steel : the surface hardness of steel materials (about 60) is much lower than ceramic (80 and over),wear resistance equivalent to only a few tenths of ceramics to lower,In addition, steel pipe with heavy thickness,and high carbon content, weldability relatively is poor, which needs weld heat treatment in spot, and brings considerable difficulties during on-site installation and maintenance

    Product Technical Data (1:wear resistant ceramic)

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