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Is ceramic liner applied in temperature 280 degree ?

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           Is abrasion resistant ceramics applied in temperature 280 degree ?

Wear resistant ceramic liner is widely applied industrial environment with iron ore , coal , sand material handled .Most industry  equipment works in bad conddition,high temperature, high speed running. when facing handling materials causing terrible abrasion damage to equipment . most equipment maintenance workers feel confused about ceramic wear tile liners application.   this abrasive materials  can be applied in high temperature ?

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics is willing to answer your doubt , first "Yes " answer from ceramic tile property .Chemshun abrasion resistant ceramics : 

1) with high hardness , just less than diamond . Moh's hardness 9 grade                                                

2) with  abrasion loss 0.014cm3/10 minutes

3) with high impact strength ,more than 850 Mpa.

4) with sintering temperature  1680 degree 

from above four property points , it is much enough to improve that , alumina liner can be used in high temperature.

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Second "Yes " answer from ceramic liner installation ways . ceramic linings can be installed by welding way and epoxy resin . alumina linings installed by welding is available for high speed running equipment and high temperature because alumina ceramics is fixed by welding steel cap and equipment .the other installation way is by epoxy resin , here you may doubt the application temperature of epoxy resin , in fact , chemshun ceramics will advise perfect epoxy resin for your ceramic linings installation . we has adhesive epoxy with  several grade like -60~150 degree , -60~280 degree etc.  

Chemshun ceramics have much experience in abrasive ceramics materials manufacture , installation , design . except wear resistan tile liner , chemshun also offer ceramic balls , rubber ceramic hose , rubber ceramic composite sheet ball mill liner etc .  welcome to visit our website :  Tel:+86-799-6790781 

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