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Chemshun Wear-resistant alumina ceramic liner

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               Chemshun Wear-resistant alumina ceramic liner 

Reliability and predictability are pivotal to the operational success of industrial equipment. In aggressive industrial applications, preventive and scheduled maintenance maximize the life and structural integrity of large and small metal components such as mixing vessels, pumps, hoppers, housings, tanks, chutes, pipes, and centrifuges. These heavy-duty parts are often exposed to aggressive slurries, sand aggregates, particulates, and large stones that can damage and abrade even the hardest reinforced steel substrates.

Damage to components can be caused by mechanical attack, chemical attack, corrosion, or by a combination of these three modes. Mechanical attack involves dry particulates or slurries dropping onto and traveling through chutes, pipes, pumps, and other components. Over time, even soft flowing materials can abrade and wear away at hard alloys such as AR400 steel. As the surface metal weakens, thin layers are gradually stripped away from the parent substrate, reducing its thickness and structural integrity.

Chemical attack and corrosion physically change substrates through chemical reactions. For example, corrosion occurs when iron oxidizes, leaving a very weak and loose layer of oxide on metal surfaces. Corrosion can be concentrated locally, forming a pit or crack, or can extend across a wide area, uniformly corroding an entire surface. If left untreated, active corrosion below the surface of a high build coating can cause the substrate beneath to weaken, ultimately causing a critical failure in the structure.

In chemical attacks, damaging chemicals passing through metal equipment can react with and eat away at the surface of the metal, causing layer-by-layer damage. As damaged layers are continuously stripped from the parent substrate, the thickness and structural integrity of the metal part gradually decrease. 

Examples of wear are easy to find in any industrial facility. Pump casings and impellers wear as a result of abrasive slurries and solids, cavitation, and chemical attack, wearing down internal sections of the equipment. Some of the common wear areas include the cutwater, wear ring seats, impeller vane tips, and inside the volute. In the case of pipes and ducts, most wear occurs at elbow bends where fluid flow changes direction. Some plants are forced to repair or replace duct elbows every three months, adding significantly to labor and material costs. In quarries and mines, iron ore can severely abrade reclaimer buckets due to the continuous sliding caused by the digging and reclaiming action.

Pingxiang chemshun ceramic liner

Many facilities only conduct maintenance on large components once damage becomes extremely apparent or a catastrophic failure occurs, such as a hole in a sidewall or a part dropping off of equipment. When critical failure occurs, equipment must be shut down for an unscheduled, costly, and time-consuming repair. Reactive maintenance procedures force the plant to make quick fixes where parts are reinforced, patched, rebuilt, or completely replaced to get back up and running as soon as possible. If repaired or replaced parts are put back into service without somehow 

protecting the parts against recurrent damage, the service life of that equipment will be less predictable and the chances of another unscheduled critical failure increase.

To deliver long-term protection from wear, abrasion, chemical attack, and corrosion, wear resistant alumina ceramic liner is best choice for abrasion protection , which has Moh's hardness 9 grade ,size stability , density 3.62 g/cm3, can be applied in all kinds of industrial abrasion chemshun have series of abrasive ceramic materials, including ceramic wear tiles ,  ceramic tube pipe , rubber ceramic composite linings , ceramic hexongal tiles , ceramic balls and brick liner etc. welcome to visit chemshun:   Tel:+86-799-6790784

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