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The reason why abrasion resistant ceramic lined pipe is so popular ?

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        The reason why abrasion resistant ceramic lined pipe is so popular ?

Wear-resistant ceramic pipe with its own irreplaceable performance advantages win the favor of consumers, play important role in abrasion market 

why wear resistant ceramic lined pipe is so popular ? Wear PipelinesLayer is a seamless steel pipe, the inner layer is alumina ceramics. ceramic liner layer hardness is up HV1100-1400, the equivalent of tungsten carbide cobalt, wear resistance performance is 20 times higher than carbon steel tubes.alumina ceramic bend pipe can resist industrial wear problem mainly by a few millimeters thick corundum inner layer. which is much better than alloy steel pipe and  cast tube resisting  by both composition,organization and thickness. 

Pingxiang chemshun ceramics alumina pipe liner  Chemshun ceramics ceramic bend tube package  alumina ceramic lined pipeline

Wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe quickly occupied the market, in addition to high quality, good performance, but also because of its cost performance in wear and corrosion resistant than other pipes.abrasion resistant  pipe of the same size and terms of unit length, wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe weighs only around half of  wear-resistant alloy casting,each meter project cost lower by 20% -30%;only one-third the weight of cast stone pipe, construction cost per meter decrease 5% -10% ;during high corrosive or high temperature environment , the price of ceramic lined pipe  is only a fraction of stainless steel, nickel-titanium tube .

Ceramic wear pipe tube are widely used in mine filling material, powder ore and tailings transport, coal-fired power plants feeding powder, slag, ash and other wear-resistant pipes,It is also very suitable. Ceramic wear wear pipeline transport is strongly rot acid, alkali, salt and abrasion both solid, liquid delivery pipe wear over. 

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