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Chemshun Ceramic Team Study the environment protection policy

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Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Co.,ltd invited Mr.Wu, section chief of legal department of Pingxiang City Environmental Protection Bureau come to office for the environment protection and environment policy lecturer on May 22, 2019. 

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics invited Mr.Wu

Chemshun Ceramics is the professional wear resistant ceramic product manufacturer. Not only just produce the high quality wear resistant impact ceramics for the customers and make customers satisfied with us, Chemshun Ceramics are very concerned about protecting the surrounding ecological environment and ensuring that we do not generate emissions of waste gas, waste liquid and waste solids during the production process. From the speech of MR.WU today, we are more aware of the importance and urgency of protecting the environment. Good products, good service, and a good environment are the common goals of our Chinese.

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics study the environment protection policy

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