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What are the advantages of 99% alumina ceramic bulletproof plate?

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Alumina ceramic is a kind of high hardness, high wear resistant material, according to the different Al2O3 content, it can be divided into 99% alumina ceramic, 95% alumina ceramic, 96% alumina ceramic, 92% alumina ceramic and so on. The main characteristics are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, which are industrial grade special ceramics.

99% alumina ceramics can be used as bulletproof ceramics. Because of its high hardness and strength, when a bullet impact ceramic surface, it creates a powerful force of impact, the impact force extends to the ceramics and the bullet, and under the impact force, the ceramics break up slightly, resisting the penetration force of the bullet. Alumina bulletproof ceramics absorb the kinetic energy of bullet by micro-breaking, so as to achieve the function of bulletproof. Bulletproof ceramics are three to four times stronger than steel armor, providing much higher protection than steel armor.



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