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Product Name:99% Alumina Ceramics Ballistic Armor Plate

Modern ceramic composites have largely replaced steel as the non-structural armor in combat vehicles and soldiers body. Besides silicon carbide ceramics bulletproof plates, Chemshun ceramics also supply alumina ceramic ballistic material .

Alumina ceramics have good properties such as high hardness, high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. When resisting the impact of the warhead, alumina ceramic body armor plates will hardly produce plastic deformation, and rely on its own high strength and high hardness to passivate or even break the warhead. The energy of the high-velocity warhead is absorbed during the blocking process. In addition, alumina ceramics are lighter in weight than metals, which can greatly reduce the load of equipment.

Character of alumina armor vest plate : 

- High performance armor protection

- High Hardness and lower weight

- Excellent resistance to creep and stable structure

- Level III and Level IV

Al2O3 Ceramics  hard body armor plates property : 

Item Name Thickness Al2O3 ContentDensityVickers HardnessImpact ToughnessElastic Modulus

CS-02 3~25> = 99 %>= 3.88>= 1500>= 2.2>= 320

Popular Al2O3 ceramic armor tiles :   50*50*10mm ,   50*25*10mm 

Alumina ceramic bulletproof tiles shape include :  Square, rectangle, triangles , hexagonal etc. Customized shapes acceptable.

 Chemshun ballistic armor vest production    Chemshun ceramic armor plate design.JPG       Chemshun ceramic armor plate package

   Armor vest production      Armor plate design       Ballistic vest package 

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