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How to avoid abrasion when ceramic grinding balls are added to the ball mill?

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After some customers add ceramic balls to the ball mill, they will find that many balls are broken.How is this? Why is this happening? Follow me to see the following two points, have you done it?

1. Should add material first, then add grinding ball

When the ceramic grinding ball is loaded into the ball mill, lifting and unloading should be adopted to avoid directly pouring in like free fall. Because the drop of the mill is more than 1.5 meters, the ceramic grinding ball discharged into the ball mill will form a larger impact force, resulting in different degrees of micro-cracks in the grinding ball, affecting the service life.

It is best to add a certain amount of material in the empty warehouse first, in order to ease the impact of unloading drop, to prevent the ceramic grinding ball drop damage.

2.When the ball mill is running, it cannot contain only grinding balls without material

Ball mill before starting, should first add materials (according to the needs of the process), strictly prohibit the ball mill in no material under the condition of idling. Ceramic grinding ball in the ball mill without material in the situation of running, they collide with each other and the ball and liner between the powerful impact force, easy to make the ball produce fine cracks and the formation of surface pits, thus affecting the service life of the ball.

Therefore, if we add ceramic balls to the ball mill, we should do a good job of preparation, and pay attention to the operation, so as to reduce the crushing of the grinding ball, and damage to the machine.

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