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Application of wear resistant ceramic pipe in lithium electric industry

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Lithium battery is mainly composed of cathode material, anode material, diaphragm and electrolyte, etc. Cathode material is an important part of lithium battery, the cost of the overall battery accounts for about 50%. In the production line of lithium battery cathode material, from raw material sending, feeding, batching, mixing, sintering (including second or third firing) to the final packaging, each link is connected by pipes into a closed conveying system, and the pipeline consumption is large.

In recent years, the demand for new energy makes the safety performance and energy density of battery materials put forward higher requirements, high nickel ternary has become the mainstream. High nickel ternary materials compared with lithium iron phosphate and other traditional cathode materials, its hardness is higher, the wear resistance of the pipeline has higher requirements, at the same time in the removal of magnetic (banning copper, iron and zinc) is also more stringent.

The wear-resistant ceramic pipe is a good choice!

Integrated wear-resistant ceramic pipe, tube inside and outside the wall smooth, air flow, low wear, good pressure, super durable, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant characteristics, at the same time, wear-resistant ceramic lining pipe bending of the pipe as a kind of ultra-high hardness of nonmetal lining material, can effectively cut off powder contact with iron and other harmful substances, reduce the content of impurities such as fe, the anode materials Thus improving the safety performance of the battery.



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