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Which is the best way to protect steel from abrasion ?

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We all understand the importance of abrasion prevention. Industry processing machines lose the integrity and cann’t work if suffered abrasion damage. there are variety of measures we can take to minimize abrasion.but chemshun firstly suggest ceramic tile liner as abrasion resistant material. 

Ceramic abrasion resistant materials include alumina ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, zirconia ceramics and so on . ceramics shapes can be customized according to customers’ machinery parts . now most of shapes used in market have ceramic wear plate , ceramic pipe tube , ceramic cylinder , alumina balls and other irregular ceramic liners. 

Why is ceramics recognized as best abrasion resistant materials ? below are ceramics advantages :

1)Impact resistance: The toughened ceramic formula ensures that the ceramic is not easily broken. The unique spherical design and high-quality buffer layer can resist the impact of bulk materials;

2)High temperature resistance: It can be operated at 0℃-250℃ for a long time;

Acid and alkali resistance: The rubber adopts a new formula of acid and alkali resistance rubber, which can resist weak acids and weak alkalis;

3)Anti-falling: The ceramic rubber steel plate is vulcanized in one piece, and the combination is very strong; each ceramic has a penetrating bolt passing through the bottom steel plate, which is firmly welded, and double insurance;

4)Convenient installation and replacement: It is provided with a whole liner, which is convenient for replacement and installation and reduces after-sales service;

5)Reduce maintenance: The super abrasion resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and saves costs and labor.

As abrasion resistant ceramic liner manufacturer and exporter, Chemshun Ceramics Company would like to explore more industrial wear protective way with anyone who are interested in it. 

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