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Application of Different Grinding Media

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Grinding MediaFeatureCommon EquipmentCommon Equipment
Natural grinding ballLow density grinding medium, low price, but large wear, low grinding efficiency. 
-----It is easy to increase the free quartz in the porcelain, thus reducing the thermal properties and strength of the porcelain body, especially for magnesium and aluminum reinforced porcelain.
SiO2 Grinding Media Small density, high abrasion, low grinding efficiency, brittle. Mixing ball mill, sandmill, planetary ball mill.Only for experiments and some special industries, the amount is very small.In addition to the grinding of quartz powder and some special powder grinding other ceramic powder grinding are not using quartz glass ball.
Al2O3 Grinding Media With wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and other excellent performance. Small and medium high speed horizontal, narrow slot type vertical mixing mill and other grinding machines.Widely used in white cement, mineral processing, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, as well as coatings, paint and other industries of raw materials powder grinding processing.
ZrSiO4 Grinding Media Compared with ZrO2 medium, it has high wear and low strength, so it lacks good market promotion prospects.Sander. It is mainly used for ultrafine grinding of ZrSiO4 raw materials. It is the preferred grinding medium for ultrafine grinding of ZrSiO4, with a certain cost performance.
ZrO2 Grinding MediaHigh density, large impact force, high grinding efficiency;The surface is smooth and hard, the wear is small, so as to avoid the product pollution;Can reduce the required grinding time, suitable for wet grinding.Suitable for all kinds of ball milling, grinding and polishing equipment.Used for "zero pollution" and high viscosity, high hardness material ultra-fine grinding and dispersion, such as: electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, zirconia, silica, zirconium silicate, titanium dioxide, medicine and food, pigment, dye, ink, special chemical industry.
Silicon carbide grinding media It has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperature.Sand mill, strong pressure micro powder mill, silicon carbide mill.Can be used for all kinds of powder material ultrafine grinding, such as silicon carbide ultrafine powder, and all kinds of precision bearings.
Silicon nitride grinding media High oxidation resistance;The hardness, compressive strength and elastic modulus of zirconia ceramics are much higher than those of zirconia ceramics. Sand mill, vibration mill, planetary mill agitation mill.It is an indispensable grinding medium in the production of silicon nitride powder and is widely used.At the same time, more suitable for sand mill, vibration mill and other high-energy ball mill equipment.


The selection of grinding media is a very important problem in the process of ultrafine grinding, different grinding media have different chemical elements.In the actual production process of grinding, we should first pay attention to whether the chemical composition of the grinding medium will react with the grinding material, so as not to cause material pollution.For example, in the field of grinding pesticides, medicine and biochemistry, heavy metals are considered as elements, and medium containing heavy metals cannot be selected.Secondly, in the grinding of superhard materials such as: silicon nitride, silicon carbide, etc., as far as possible to consider the use of the same medium grinding ball.

Therefore, according to some physical properties (hardness, density, wear resistance) determined by the chemical composition of the grinding medium and the pollution of its own wear to the slurry, the selection of suitable grinding medium is helpful to improve the crushing efficiency, product quality and reduce the comprehensive cost in the process of ultra-fine grinding.


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