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Wear-resistant Ceramic Solves the Problem of Blocking Material in Blanking Chute

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Powder separator is an important part of cement plant production system, its stability directly affects the operation of the whole production line. We found that the blanking chute of the powder selector often appears blocking and wear problems. If the situation is serious, it will be cleaned up in a week. Therefore, solving the problem of blocking and wear of the blanking chute has become an urgent need.

The greater the material hardness into the powder separator, the greater the wear on the chute,over time, the chute damage will need to stop maintenance, affecting the entire production operation.

Wear-resistant ceramic lining can effectively solve the problem. Wear-resistant ceramic lining board is alumina material as the main body, adding sintering agent, dry pressing molding after 1700 degrees of high temperature firing corundum ceramics, with high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, paste on the inner wall of the equipment, can prevent wear, do the protective layer of equipment. The installation of wear-resisting ceramics is more convenient also. And its surface is smooth, conveying materials will not stick, greatly reduce the downtime and maintenance time, improve the efficiency for the whole production.




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