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How to choose alumina wear-resistant ceramics?

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Wear-resistant ceramic is a kind of special corundum ceramics made by Al2O3 as the main raw material, rare metal oxide as the solvent, roasted at high temperature of 1700 degrees, and then combined with special rubber and high strength organic/inorganic adhesive.

Now alumina wear-resistant ceramics have been all over the market, is widely used in steel, coal, thermal power, cement, iron smelting and other industries. So how should choose wear-resisting ceramics?

1. The hardness of wear-resistant ceramic

Generally used in a variety of equipment is more wear-resistant ceramic pieces, it can be directly attached to the surface of the equipment, to protect the equipment from wear. Due to the small size of the ceramic pieces, it can be flexibly applied to a variety of shapes of equipment. Different equipment selection of different hardness of ceramic, specific according to the working conditions to decide.

2. Abrasion resistance of ceramics

Special working conditions need to use more resistant ceramics, such as ZTA toughened alumina ceramics. ZTA toughened alumina ceramics is based on alumina to add a certain amount of zirconia ceramic ingredients, wear resistance and toughness between alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics, ZTA ceramics than 95% alumina ceramics wear resistance better.

3. Operating temperature of the equipment

The working temperature of the equipment determines the choice of the installation method of the wear-resistant ceramic. It is necessary to ensure that the wear-resistant ceramic can not fall off under high temperature conditions. If it is bulk material conveying, but also comprehensive material properties, particle size, drop, erosion Angle and other factors to assess the intensity of impact, to ensure the selection of appropriate wear-resistant ceramics.

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