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China Ceramic Factory: Bulletproof Ceramic Producer

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Human body armor is commonly used protective equipment for individual soldiers, armed police, security guards, and armed escorts, and is a dual-use product for both military and civilians. The core component of the human body armor is the bulletproof insert. The insert material has experienced hard metal insert and soft synthetic fiber insert, and has developed into the third-generation ceramic/synthetic fiber composite insert, which is the main development direction of body armor.

The bulletproof board is mainly divided into two parts. One is a backboard made of aramid fiber or ultra-high molecular weight high-strength polyethylene fiber composite material; the other is a bulletproof panel made of alumina, silicon carbide, and boron carbide. By combining the transition bonding layer, a layer of anti-crack cloth is pasted on the surface of the ceramic panel to prevent damage to the human body when the ceramic is broken, and the third-generation composite bulletproof insert is obtained.

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics is a manufacturer of industrial ceramics for 21 years. The company is equipped with professional R&D room, testing room, design room and large-scale production workshop. The company's 99% alumina ceramics bulletproof plate have undergone strict production and quality inspection. Keep soldiers safe. Welcome to consult.


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