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What is industrial ceramics

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     When we talk about ceramics , most of people may image the dinner ceramic plate used in home , but  industrial ceramics we mentioned here is much different from household ceramics, which is widely used in  high-tech applications in biomedical, aerospace and electronic areas and others for its particular physical property  .

Alumina Ceramic and silicon carbide ceramics are one kind of industrial ceramics , which used as abrasion resistant materials in bulk material handling system . Chemshun Ceramics professionally design and manufacture wear resistant ceramic liner products with composition material of alumina ceramics , silicon carbide ceramics, zirconia toughen alumina ceramics etc.

Besides standard shape ceramic lining, the advantage of chemshun manufacturer is to customize irregular ceramics for customers’ machinery parts. Each engineering industry ceramic material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so full analysis and research must be carried out for the working conditions of ceramics. If the use conditions cann’t met, the ceramics will not achieve the expected use effect. Under normal circumstances, the main factors affecting the performance of ceramics include operating temperature range and changes,corrosive medium, force condition,the incident angle of hard particle collision, particle erosion strength etc.

Industrial ceramics is more than abrasion resistant ceramics, more like advanced ceramics. Chemshun ceramics will continuously study and develop ceramics for more application .

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