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Epoxy Resin Adhesive

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Epoxy Resin Adhesive is an very important material in the fixing process of wear resistant ceramics. Chemshun Ceramics afford all type of adhesives which suitable for different temperature (-60~300 Centigrade degree) and Humidity environment.

Performance features of chemshun wear resistant repair compound epoxy resin adhesives:
1. It is the two-component adhesive compounded by polyurethane modified epoxy resin, modified amine curing agent and various addition agent.
2. The curing speed is moderate.
3. With a good adhesion to metal, ceramic and more. The adhesive layers after curing have an excellent impact resistance.
4. Excellent in water resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance.
Product usage of wear resistant bonding epoxy resin adhesive:
It's used for self-adhesion and each-adhesion of metal, ceramic, cement, stone, glass and other materials, especially suitable for the adhesive of strong impact vibration artifacts. When using in the paste of wear resistant ceramic and metal, can partial replace ceramic and rubber composite lining board. Used in the paste of various wear resistant ceramic parts, can effectively avoid knocking against and impacting to cause the ceramic fall off during transportation or installation.

Use of wear resistant bonding repair ceramic tile epoxy resin adhesives:
Using adhesives: put the mixed-up adhesive spread to coat onto the surface of pending-sticky material, then fold it, from the middle to all around, knock it on with a rubber hammer for a time, avoid the air getting into it.
Curing: initial curing will take 4 hours at the room temperature, fully curing will take 24 hours (18-22Mpa), if heat it up to the temperature of 80 degree, keep this temperature for 2 hours, you can do post curing. In this way, it will get higher comprehensive performance (can improve 30%)

Epoxy Resin Adhesive

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