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what are body armor plates made of

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With the needs of the global anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism situation, the body armor market has shifted from individual soldiers to non-military personnel such as armed police, security guards, and armed escorts. The annual market demand for human body armor reaches millions of sets, and the market capacity is very large. big. The core of the human body armor is the bulletproof insert. The bulletproof insert material has undergone hard metal inserts, soft synthetic fiber inserts, and has now developed into the third generation of ceramics.

The existing bulletproof ceramics are mainly divided into two categories, namely monolithic ceramic structures and ceramic composite structures. Monolithic structural ceramics include oxide ceramics and non-oxide ceramics, as well as binary systems. In general, non-oxide ceramics have higher physical properties and relatively low densities, which are more beneficial as ballistics than alumina ceramics. However, the manufacturing methods of these materials mostly use expensive hot pressing, which is not easy to industrialize.

Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics Factory specializes in the production of 99% alumina content bulletproof ceramics with high specific stiffness, high specific strength and chemical inertness in many environments. When the high-speed projectile collides with the ceramic layer, the ceramic layer shatters or cracks and diffuses around the impact point to consume most of the projectile's energy, thus playing a protective role.


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