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Ceramic Wear Plate As Steel Plants Hopper liner

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Ceramic Wear Plate As Steel Plants Hopper liner 

Sintering machines in PG steel plants produce more than ten thousands ton sinter per day .various kinds of materials are conveyed with large quantity, ceramic wear plate as abrasion resistant materials applied in hopper brought obvious economic benefit for plant.

 In order to avoid hopper wear damage,PG steel plants adopted many wear protection measures like cast iron liner,Inner welding grid,high molecular polyethylene liner before ,but without obvious effect.

2020 PG steel plants tried to apply ceramic plate in feeding hopper for first time. With hopper drop height more than 1.5m, Chemshun Ceramics suggested steel ceramic composite tile liner but not large size ceramic plate. First pieces of steel tiles with ID12mm holes both sides wear prepared, then alumina ceramic tiles with size 150*100*25mm wear pasted in steel substrate with glue water,at last steel ceramic composite plates wear fixed in the inner layer of hopper by bolts.

Wear solution in above way have advantages as follows :

1)Easy installation .only steel ceramic composite plate pre-prepared then welded in the hopper.

2)Prolong working life, double layer liner working time is above 8 months, which effectively decreases workers‘labor intensity

 Alumina ceramic wear plate is an excellent wear-resistant material. It mainly depends on its own hardness to resist wear. However, it is a brittle material with poor toughness. So it should be correctly applied according to specific working environment.

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