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Common malfunction And solutions of Silicon carbide cyclones

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If the equipment is used improperly or the inspection and maintenance are not timely, and the same is true for the silicon carbide cyclone. Chemshun Ceramics will introduce you the common faults and solutions of silicon carbide cyclones.  hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Intermittent overflow:

Reasons: ①Pump panting: The amount of ore in the previous process is unstable; ②The pump displacement is selected too large, and the slurry in the pump pool is often emptied; ③The selection of the silicon carbide cyclone is too large, resulting in low pressure on the mine.

Treatment method: ① Stable operation to ensure the liquid level of the pump pool; ② Replace the pump or add water to the pump pool to prevent the slurry from being emptied. But the concentration fed into the cyclone should not be too low, too low the concentration of sedimentation will also be low, which will affect the grinding concentration of the mill; ③Select the appropriate type of cyclone.

2. Low sand concentration:

Reasons: ①The diameter of the grit nozzle is too large; ②The pressure is small; ③The concentration of the ore feed is low, and the diameter of the cyclone is large.

Treatment method: ①Replace the grit nozzle with a small diameter; ②Increase the pressure of the cyclone to the ore; ③Increase the concentration of the ore and replace the cyclone with a small diameter.

3. Overflow running rough:

Reasons: ①The particle size of the silicon carbide cyclone is coarse; ②The diameter of the grit nozzle is small, and the grit nozzle is blocked by coarse particles or other debris. Overflowing roughness is mainly manifested by low concentrate grade, large sedimentation concentration, coarse particle size, and low water content of the filter cake; if the grit nozzle is blocked, it will cause the magnetic separator to become full.

Treatment method: ①Control the feeding particle size of the cyclone to reduce, appropriately reduce the feeding concentration, and increase the pressure; ②Replace the grit nozzle with a larger diameter according to the actual production situation, and use the spare silicon carbide cyclone to clear the blockage of the silicon carbide cyclone Device.

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