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How to Choose ceramic liner for your steel pipeline

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Abrasion resistant ceramic liner with various of shapes are supplied for industrial machine wear protection. Conveying pipeline lined ceramics is typical application. Chemshun Ceramics manufacturer produces pipe liner with mosaic tiles , pipe tube, trapezoidal tile etc. Based on long-time pipe liner designing and producing experience, Chemshun technicians will suggest suitable elbow bends pipe for customers’ delivery steel pipeline.

 Ceramic bend pipe liner are generally divided into shrimp bends and integrated seamless bends. How to choose the type for specific working conditions ?

 1. If the pipe diameter is below 100mm and required ceramic thickness is 4-6mm, Chemshun recommend integrated seamless elbow to the customer. The ceramic lining used is alumina mosaic tiles. At this time, the gap between the ceramics exceeds 2mm, and the ceramic is subjected to only adhesive force.

 2. If Ceramic elbows ID 100mm or more ,needed ceramic thickness is 10mm,elbow of the shrimp joint is recommended to you.Trapezoidal plates with 15-25mm thickness are applied with no gap between the ceramics . The ceramics are not only affected by the adhesive force but also the mutual pressure between the ceramics, which is more firm.

Pipe liner with silicon carbide ceramics materials are also supplied , welcome your inquiry .

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