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Product Name:Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner

Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner 

The rubber ceramic wear liner is with a high wear resistant ceramics  alumina tile vulcanized within resilent rubber, The ceramics provide excellent resistance to wear, while the elasticity of  rubber effectiely dampens impact forces, This combination well solved the problem of the wear and impact areas .

1: Rubber  Wear Ceramic Liner Application :


Applied  Equipment


Discharge Chute, Transfer Chute,  Reflectors And Impact Plate, Bunker & Bin Conveyor Skirt Liners,  Stacker And Reclaimers,  Silo Belt Stock House, Coal Feeder,  Coal hopper, 

Coal fired power plant

Port Industry

Steel industry

Cement plant

2:  Chemshun Rubber Ceramic Wear  Liner suggestion according to your wear area:

Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner Suggested :

Ceramic Tile Suggested :

1chemshun ceramic wear liner application.jpgchemshun ceramics tile liner application.jpg

Wear Area Character: Condition of

extremely impact and abrasion,Typical

materials handled like gypsum,lime,gravel,

coal,ores,especially size more than 40mm,

Machines like chute,hopper,bunker,stacker

& reclaimer.

Wear Area Character: Condition of air

and wind powder conveying system,typical

materials like ash,sand,cement, dust.

machines likepipeline,hopper,chute,cyclone

3:  Chemshun Rubber Ceramic wear liner package & test & parts

Chemshun Rubber Ceramic wear liner packed  

4: Rubber ceramic plate features:

> High wear and abrasion resistance.

> Long wear life, low maintenance and downtime.

> Significant noise reduction

> Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

> Corrosion resistant

5: Chemshun Rubber Ceramic plate Sizes 



  Alumina Content

Al2O3 92%

Al2O3 95%


  Ceramics Vulcanized

 Square Mosaic Tile,  Rectangle Tile ,  Plain Tile ,
   Hexagonal Tile ,   Alumina Cylinder   

  Ceramic Thickness

15mm ~ 50mm

  Rubber Thickness

3mm ~10mm

  Steel Thickness

3mm ~ 10mm

  Normal Size

150*300 , 200*200, 300*300,

                500*500, 450*300, 530*450

  Sheet Structure

Ceramic Steel ,Ceramic Rubber, Ceramic Rubber Steel

Product Technical Data (1: wear resistant ceramic)

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