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How to Cut Alumina Ceramic Liner ?

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How to Cut Alumina Ceramic Liner ?

Alumina ceramic liner are made of high-precision raw materials, so they are also called precision ceramics, special ceramics or high-tech ceramics. Alumina ceramic is a ceramic that can precisely control the composition of the tiger's hole and has the ability of being different.

Compared with ordinary ceramics, alumina ceramics in terms of composition and manufacturing process are very different, the ordinary ceramic is prepared through the raw materials, forming the blank and the kiln firing the three processes completed, large alumina ceramic Most are made using the powder sintering technique. Due to the high hardness of the ceramic, it is very difficult to cut,so how to cut the alumina ceramic liner products during production and installtion.

Chemshun Ceramic company is industrial manufacturer with kinds of alumina ceramic wear resistant materials .protective wear ceramic liner often is supplied with customized design as chute liner,hopper liner,cyclone liner and other wear resistant plate.we have two ways to cut ceramics liner  products. first way is that, cutting half-finished ceramics is more easy before sintering. also sometimes sintered alumina plate is cutted by special cutting machines with you have requirement of cutting machines ? we are pleasure to help you at any time .

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