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How to install abrasion ceramic cylinder pipe in the integrally formed steel pipeline ?

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The integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic pipe produced by Chemshun Ceramics is mainly divided into three steps: ceramic ring splicing, ceramic ring pasting and grinding.

(1) Alumina ceramic cylinder splicing: The ceramic rings that have passed the inspection are spliced with 502 quick-drying glue according to the requirements of the drawings to ensure that the interior is flat and there are no large gaps

(2) Alumina cylinder pasting: the flanges on both sides of the pipe are wrapped with kraft paper, and the glue is glued in the pipe with the adjusted adhesive to ensure that it is even, and then the glue is glued on the spliced porcelain ring pipe to ensure that the pipe is intact once Sexually stick to the inner wall of the pipe. After fixing, check whether there is misalignment and glue leakage on the inner wall of the pipe, and place the pasted pipe in the designated position after checking. The ceramic paste should be operated in strict accordance with the drawing, and the ceramic ring should be properly dislocated when pasting the ceramic ring to ensure the service life of the pipeline.

(3) Grinding: After the adhesive is completely cured, the redundant ceramic rings on both sides of the pipe should be polished to ensure that they are flat and cannot damage the flange. After the grinding is completed, remove the kraft paper at both ends.

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